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Then The Vicar Said To The Priest

An Analysis Of Life In General And Our Parish In Particular

Did you know that the average Australian farmer lives two months longer than other average Australians? Did you know that Catholics have bigger noses than Protestants? Did you know that vicars drive smaller cars than priests though you would think that, being bachelors, priests would drive smaller cars than vicars? (The Vatican might be interested in this bit of information!)

According to the narrator an intrepid amateur psychologist the point of this book is that there are numerous religio-demographic data which no one but him seems to bother about and this bothers him. His wife does not bother about them, nor his kids nor the parish priest nor the Anglican vicar. Nevertheless, he pursues these and other weighty matters with enormous enthusiasm, especially those with ecumenical potential.

He and his cronies in fact pretty well the whole community of Connemara make for a mad mix. Anyone with a tolerant mind and a sense of humour will enjoy a trip down to the Western District of Victoria where this picturesque little village has been located since the Catholics and the Protestants fought over it many years ago
Then The Vicar Said To The Priest
ISBN: 9781863551344
$ 24.95

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