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Prayer and Relationships

Staying Connected - An Ignatian Perspectie

‘God the Father has his own personal space, and his favourite personal space is our heart.’

At the heart of our Christian calling, says author Pat O'Sullivan, is the opportunity to share God’s life, to be ‘divinised’, as Michael Casey has put it. We do this by allowing space for our relationship with God to unfold and develop.

This can be a task that is not too far out of our reach because it is God who has taken the initiative. God seeks us out, and offers us his life, his grace. We respond, or not. But if we choose to respond, we foster this relationship through our prayer. In doing this, we join with God’s Son, Jesus, who took himself away from the hurly-burly of everyday to a place of quiet. We have an ally in our task. And, as Jesus himself reassured us, as we relate to him we also relate to his Father.

This book is an encouraging account of the way of prayer, and of fostering these relationships. It follows the sequence of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, though the author has chosen not to make use of Ignatian terminology. Thus it is approachable in its content and style. Pat O’Sullivan draws upon many years of experience as university chaplain, retreat giver, spiritual director and provincial of the Australian Jesuits to offer solid and helpful reflection. And the reader is often beguiled by his gentle humour.

Here is a book for ‘prayers’. They will find much that is of help in their journey towards God.

Patrick O’Sullivan has been dean of two university colleges, in charge of student Jesuits, secretary for the Christian Life Communities, Rome, editor of Madonna magazine, director of the Jesuit retreat centre, Melbourne, and pastoral assistant for the Jesuit Refugee Service, East Africa.

He is a former provincial of the Jesuit Order, Australia, and is presently spiritual director at Corpus Christi Seminary, Melbourne.

He names his favourite author as P. G. Wodehouse, his favourite film Casablanca, his favourite athletes John Eales and Susie O’Neill, and his favourite politician Senator Sir Neil O’Sullivan – his father, who spent 15 years in federal parliament and was remembered by his colleagues as a ‘generous, calm and persuasive man who gave his name and energy to charitable causes’.
Prayer and Relationships
ISBN: 9781863551250
$ 24.95

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