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Close Encounters

(of an ecumenical kind)

If you happen to be Protestant but some of your best friends are Catholic, or if you happen to be Catholic but some of your best friends are Protestant, then this book is for you! Connemara is on the south-west coast of Victoria, and while the shenanigans they get up to down there would bring tears to the eyes of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, they make great fun for the observer.

Most of the Catholics have Irish roots, most of the Protestants are of British extraction and this is a volatile mix. Particularly as the Catholics predominate! Their ecumenical counterparts, however, are not without ingenuity – witness a kid named Ozzie Kettle who gives the Paddies a hard time. But the Catholics have Pat McNutt on their side, and he’s no small headache for the Protestants.

This book may not be a great leap forward in ecumenical relations, but if you appreciate the humorous side of life you will enjoy it.

‘A unique style of writing that paints this community well – a world full of community and calamity.’ Wendy O’Hanlon

Brian Meade is a semi-retired medical researcher who loves the rural community he lives in, where he and his wife have raised their eleven children.

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More tales about the quirky and loveable people of Connemara where you’ll be welcomed into a little world of amazing and curious characters.
Close Encounters
ISBN: 9781863551243
$ 24.50

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