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And Gladly Teach

The Marist Experience in Australia 18722000

The Marist Brothers came to Australia, at the invitation of Archbishop Polding, in 1872. Their first school was St Patrick's, Church Hill, in Sydney. From this small beginning they expanded around Australia. Today they number some 4600 members worldwide and about 350 in Australia.

'And Gladly Teach' is a new history of the Marist Brothers' teaching contribution in Australia, 18722000. The book takes as its central argument the relationship between the Marists' pedagogy as practised over their years in Australia and the inspiration or 'charism' of their French founder, St Marcellin Champgnat: the sort of relationship which has exercised many Australian teaching orders in the years since Vatican II.

The author follows the evolution and development of the brothers' teaching tradition, by looking closely at how it was practised especially in Sydney, but also as it spread to the other Australian states. Is the early 'charism' being maintained, asks the author, or do contemporary Marist schools have, at least in an educational sense, little more than a sentimental connection with those of 1830s France or even 1930s Sydney?
And Gladly Teach
ISBN: 186355114X
$ 24.95

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