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Sixty So Soon

A long life's pilgrim trail, reaching sixty is a plateau where one can look back on the experiences and achievements of life so far, and also look forward to the possibilities of the next stage of one's life. Bill Firman has managed to cram a lot into his sixty-plus years. His book is in part stories from his life as well as his own take on the events, issues and in particular the people he has experienced.

For more than half of his life, Bill has been a member of the De La Salle Brothers, and has worked in their schools in Australia and New Zealand and at BoysTown, Australia's largest youth charity. He recounts his experiences and reflects on the gifts offered by spending so much of his life working with young people. 'Through all this', he says, 'I have developed a genuine belief in the goodness of one's fellow pilgrims, if only they are given a reasonable opportunity to get a start in life'.

Bill's journey has been in the company of many other writers and thinkers, and he draws on their wise and witty thought to capture and expand upon his own reflections. The book thus becomes a treasure-house of human wisdom and a source for our own insights on life.

Bill's hope in writing is 'to encourage others, each in their own unique life journey which will lead us back to our creator'. The senior years, he says, are 'God's special gift of extra time to find the still-point, to become more inwardly spiritual and to be at ease with who we are and where we are going'.
Sixty So Soon
ISBN: 1863551115
$ 24.95

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