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Jesus, the Mantra of God

An exploration of mantra meditation

Jesus, the Mantra of God explores the practice of the mantra in prayer. It comes out of the style of meditative prayer initiated by John Main and continued by his disciple Dom Laurence Freeman osb and the World Community for Christian Meditation. At the heart of this prayer is the Indian concept of mantra - focus upon a word or phrase of spiritual significance. The mantra, says John Dupuche, 'is like a key to unlock the storeroom from which the disciple of the kingdom brings forth things both new and old' (Matthew 13:52).

The first part of the book enriches the reader's understanding and practice of the mantra, based on faith, and looks at the related aspects of hearingm breathing and the body. With this heightened understanding, the practitioner comes more fully to see the face of Christ, who is the divine Mantra, and so enter into the silence of God.

The second part examines the intimate relationship between mantra-meditation and the cycle of the liturgical year. In meditation, one can relive the events of the sacred story or deepen the spiritual impact of the major festivals of the Church's year. A brief appendix deals with visualization, another aspect of comtemplative prayer.
Jesus, the Mantra of God
ISBN: 1863551107
$ 18.95

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