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A Fair Go in an Age of Terror

Since September 11 2001, the world has been awash with fear and anger and intolerance. UNIYA, the Jesuit Social Justice Centre, seeks to make a positive contribution to public debate within this climate through its Jesuit Lenten Seminars.
This book contains papers given by the principal speakers in 2003, ' and Christians—Where do we all stand?', and in 2004, ' Fair Go in an Age of Terror'. Contributions from some of the 2004 panel members are also included. These papers invite us, as individuals and as a nation, to expand our thinking.
There is a shared recognition that terrorism cannot be destroyed by armaments and force. The more we resort to heavy-handedness in dealing with social and cultural greivances, the more we contribute to an ' clash of civilisations', and the more we compromise our own rights and identity.
All contributors to this book recognise that genuine and disciplined dialogue is one way forward. There is an implicit and explicit hope that we refrain from the discourse of fear, blame and reprisal, and recover the language of dialoge.
Contributors include Patty Fawkner, Mohamad Abdalla, Frank Brennan, Dan Madigan and Abdullah Saeed.
A Fair Go in an Age of Terror
ISBN: 1863551077
$ 18.95

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