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Fresh Words and Deeds

The McCaughey Papers

Davis McCaughey holds a special place in religious life in Australia, He arrived in Melbourne in 1953 as Professor of New Testament Studies in the Theological Hall of Ormond College in Melbourne. He was already known for his involement with the international Student Christian Movement. He continued to foster ecumenism and began a significant dialogue with a wide circle of scholars—philosophers, scientists and social commentators.
Davis McCaughey became Master of Ormond College, and was the first President of the newly-formed Uniting Church; he acted for a time as Deputy Chancellor of Melbourne University, and was chosen as Governor of the State of Victoria. Following his retirement, he continued writing and preaching and was much sought after as a public speaker on ethical and theological issues.
McCaughey' scholarly initiatives and pastoral and prophetic insights are enlivened by his lightness of touch and a deft drawing upon poetry and literature. This book also illustrates his mastery of the genre of sermons and memorial addresses.
The title, Fresh Words and Deeds, draws upon a phrase from the Uniting Church of Australia' foundationsl document. The Basis of Union, which links ' words and deeds' with the ' of literary, historical and scientific enquiry' and the ' and scholarly interpretation' of Scripture that are the hallmarks of an informed faith. This freshness was characteristic of McCaughey' educational, pastoral, social and political activities.
On his ninetieth birthday this book offers a taste of the riches that are to be found in Davis McCaughey' writings. It is an expression of gratitude for some fifty years of outstanding theological teaching and leadership.
Fresh Words and Deeds
ISBN: 1863551069
$ 35.00

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