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Jewish-Christian Relations

A textbook for Australian students

A quiet revolution has been occurring in the Christian churches over the past generation. The challenge between Christians and Jews has already seen some stunning reversals in the ways the Church relates to Jews and Judaism. For much of the past nineteen hundred years, Christians have generally cast Jews and Judaism in a negative light, In our own time, positive efforts have been made to repair this damaged relationship. However, the changes that are occurring in Christian self-understanding and the growing relationship with Jews and Judaism remain little known to the majority of Christians.
This book provides resources for Australian readers who wish to know more about this important area of Church life. Individual chapters in Part I consider particular questions of concern to the relationship of Christians and Jews. These contributions draw upon the disciplines of history, theology, biblical studies, religious education and Jewish studies. Part II of this text features a number of official documents that have emerged in the past generation to propel discussions and reforms.
This book has been written for those working in Church pastoral ministry and education. It combines theoretical foundations with practical implications and directions for ministerial and educational practice. The themes and ideas raised in this collection will also commend themselves to readers interested in the Church and its future. It provides an arena for exploring how the Church might find new ways to live peacefully and prosper in a world of diverse religious expression.
Jewish-Christian Relations
ISBN: 1863551050
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