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Why I Am Still Catholic

Stories of Faith and Belief

Why might someone choose to stay in the Catholic Church at this time in history? What is it about the church that really matters to them? Is it still relevant? What within it brings meaning? There is a very deep and real spiritual hunger in our world today. Does the Catholic Church still have a meaningful response to the questions and issues of our time?

Here is a collection of reflections from passionate, sensitive Catholics about why they remain in the Catholic Church. In spite of the many controversies that receive media attention, they are very clear about their commitment.

Anyone who is curious about the Christian spiritual tradition and who hungers for conversation about what matter within the heart of Christian faith will find this book is for them.

Contributors to this book include Lionel Bowen, Veronica Brady, Frank Brennan, Edmund Campion, Annette Cunliffe, Hilton Deakin, Marea Donovan, Geraldine Doogue, John Menadue, Teresa Pirola, David Ranson, David Walker and Michael Whelan.
Why I Am Still Catholic
ISBN: 1863551018
$ 19.95

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