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A Canopy of Stars

Some Reflections For The Journey

For more than twenty years Christopher Gleeson was the Head of two Jesuit School communities, Xavier College in Melbourne and St. Ignatius' College in Sydney. As with most school Principals, he was a prolific wordsmith in both spoken and written form, giving numerous speeches, workshop presentations, homilies and reflections. Sprinkled liberally among these offerings are quotations from numerous sources. Indeed, he has been described as a '' of other people' ideas and saying - a title he reluctantly accepts as both fitting and inadequate. After all, he has spent much time as a priest and educator in sharing these jewels of inspiration with many audiences along the way.

Here then is a collection of these jewels - ' of wisdom', as he call them. He finds them glittering like stars in all he reads and hears. The stars, he says, have an accessibility and companionability about them. They not only light up the darkness, but ' the darkness with order and light'.

Christopher Gleeson sees these words a opportunities for and prompts to reflection. He takes inspiration fom the great German mystic Meister Eckhart: ' progress by stopping'. He offers the reader a chance to stop, to observe and to reflect, attracted by a particular star, a particular gem of wisdom.

CHRISTOPHER GLEESON SJ was ordained priest in 1975, taught English and History, and was Executive Assistant to the Jesuit Provincial for two years. He has an Honours History degree and DipEd from Melbourne University and a Bachelor of Divinity from the Melbourne College of Divinity. He was Head of Xavier College for eleven years from 1981, and Head of St. Ignatius College Riverview from 1993 to 2002. Among his publications is Striking a Balance: Teaching Values and Freedom/ (Aurora Books). He served as National Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia from 1999 to 2001. He is presently Director of Jesuit Publications in Melbourne.
A Canopy of Stars
ISBN: 186355100X
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