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Christian-Muslim Intermarriage in Australia

Identity, social cohesion or cultural fragmentatio

'', says Dr Ata, ' arguably the best indicator as to whether a particular group is fully integrated into and accepted by the mainstream community.'

In what could be seen as most timely, Dr Ata turns his attention to a study of intermarriage between Christians and Muslims in Australia. Such a study can offer insights into the merging of the two communities, at both personal and communal and social levels. It can shed light on the evolution of the Australian family while the community is in a process of transition. Intermarriage is particularly significant because it is obe of the last stages towards full integration of one group with another.

Some of the key areas examined are the participants' views of the success or otherwise of their marriage, response of their families and communities, attitudes towards children, gender roles and responsibilities, experience of discrimination or tolerance, religious and cultural identity, and aspirations for the future.

This work is an extension of the research in Christian and Muslim Intermarriage: A West Bank Study (2000). These projects come out of Dr Ata' life-long interest in cross-cultural, cross-religious and inter-ethnic relations, an interest related to his own experience of being brought up as a member of a minority within a minority—he being a Palestinian Christian.
Christian-Muslim Intermarriage in Australia
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