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Refugees, Morality and Public Policy

Debate about the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, wether in attempting to reach Australian shores or in custody or eventually in Australian society, has been fierce and widespread. Such debate raises the issue of how government frames and implements social policy, and how people at large react to it.
Two recent series of the national Jesuit Lenten Seminars have given attention to morality and poilcy-making. In 2002, the focus was on refugees, and in 2000 it was on general public policy. A number of prominent Australians presented papers or made responses that highlighted areas of great concern to the whole nation. The seminars were well attended, lively events which indicated significant public interest in the issues. This book gathers the papers and responses, and will serve as a valuable resource to all who wish to further their knowledge of public policy-making in Australia.
The seminars were presented in 2000 by Uniya, the Jesuit Social Justice Centre in Sydney, and in 2002 by Uniya and Eureka Street, the monthly magazine produced by Jesuit Publications.
Authors include Mark Raper, Frank Brennan, Hilary Charlesworth, Morag Fraser and John Menadue.
Refugees, Morality and Public Policy
ISBN: 186355095X
$ 16.95

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