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The Space Between

Stephen and Mark leave their homes in the country to begin their university studies. One becomes absorbed in his books, and in his relationship with the beautiful Anna; the other's focus in on more distracting pursuits. Further pressure on their friendship comes from the expectations of their long-settled immigrant families.

The recurring themes of Hilde Knörr's writing are here: the subtleties of human relationships and the equally subtle and unpredictable workings of destiny; reconciliation with others and with oneself. Intertwined among these is Knorr's love of music and art and of the natural environment. This book completes Knorr's three-part chronicle of four generations of Melbourne-based and country-living families.

HILDE KNORR was born in the Latrobe Valley of Victoria, and married Bavarian-born sculptor, Hans Knörr. Her books, from the bestselling Shoemaker's Children of the 1970s to the more recent How Deep is High and Also Each Other, are familiar to many Australians.
The Space Between
ISBN: 1863550941
$ 26.95

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