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A Pastoral Style

LISTENING is an art. Pastoral listening is a specific style of listening which has as its aim to help the person being listened to. Frances Moran presents an exposition of what pastoral listening is, and how it can be carried out and enhanced. She looks at the difficulties and pitfalls, and the ways of identifying and improving one's listening style. She uses numerous case studies which put a human face on the views she advances. We observe conversations within the pastoral care context, and are able to rehearse similar conversations we can be faced with. 'The lessons of what listening is and what makes it possible for good listeners to listen are conveyed through revealing and expressive accounts of the human experience of trying to listen and understand another fellow sufferer. Pastoral counselors of all persuasions will find the book illuminating and helpful.' W.W. Meissner SJ, MD, University Professor of Psychoanalysis, Boston College   '... conveys the principles of psychotherapeutic listening in a style that is eminently readable. The part on the inside world of the self is excellent.' Dr Jack Dominian   'Both newcomers to the field of pastoral counselling and experienced workers will find immense benefits in this book. The presentation of stories in an easy-to-relate-to fashion provides excellent guidance for pastoral workers to explore and understand their own responses in their work.' Margarita Frederico, Head, Department of Social Work & Cathy Davis, Lecturer, Australian Catholic University. Listening
ISBN: 1863550879
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