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Also Each Other

Hilde Knorr's latest fiction,  Also Each Other, has all the characteristics of her writing - the subtle colours, the strong narrative sense, the pace and power beneath the smooth simplicity. It involves a rich range of characters, all seeking to bring their talents to the task of living in the expanding vision of what it means to be fully human within the revelations of the 20th century and onwards. These mean nothing less than the complete unity of all life in an ever-expanding cosmos. It is not surprising that young people also display a keen interest in her work.

Hilde Knorr was born in the Latrobe Valley of Victoria, and married Bavarian-born sculptor, Hans Knorr. Her books, from the bestselling Shoemaker's Children of the 1970s to the recent How Deep Is High, are familiar to many Australians. Well-known around north-eastern Victoria, she presently lives in a rural community on the outskirts of Melbourne.
Also Each Other
ISBN: 1863550852
$ 19.95

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