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Walking To The Saints

A Little Pilgrimage in France

'I was reminded, in the comments on the nomadic nature of the pilgrims, that the word 'saunter' comes from 'sainte terre' ( holy land) - a thought very much in keeping with the unhurried rambles that can be taken through this excellent book.'

Timothy Findley, author of The Wars and Pilgrim,
internationally acclaimed playwright and novelist

'A deeply person account of a love affair with France and her Romanesque churches, written by a born pilgrim (this is a woman who knows what is important), out of extensive life-experience. Anne McPherson travels restlessly, indomitably, with openness and honesty; she interrogates everything she finds. the reader will find it well worth hearing what she comes back to tell us.'

Margaret Visser, author of Much Depends on Dinner and  Geometry of Love,
social commentator and author
Walking To The Saints
ISBN: 1863550828
$ 29.95

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