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The Good Life

Stories of Faith and Life

Faith is lived in community, with our brothers and sisters, the children of God, some of us being saints, many of us being publicans and sinners - Sir Gerard Brennan, former Chief Justice of Australia

How do people live out their faith? How do they see their place in that community - made up of saints and sinners? What can we learn from the way others endeavour to make their Christian belief real in their lives?

Here are the stories of fifty people who permit us to look in on the way they live their faith. They come from all walks of life. Some, the priests, the bishops, the workers for justice, have carried their faith over into their working lives; some, such as the artists or poets, express that faith through their work; others strive to bring their sense of values into what they do.

Each of the stories comes from the magazine Australian Catholics. Its editor, Michael McGirr, has made a selection that energises the rest of us in finding a real place for faith and belief in our lives.

Among the people in this:
Tim Winton, writers; Catherine McClements, actor; Gabrielle Lord, novelist; Paul Keating, former prime minister; Maureen McCarthy, author; Paul Kelly, singer; Santo Cilauro, comedian; Mike Munro, TV presenter; Amelia Farrugia, opera singer; Jane Turner & Marg Downey, comedians; Leonard Faulkner, archbishop; Wendy Harmer, broadcaster; Anna Healey, sailor; Heather Turland, athlete; Jim Stynes, Australian Rules footballer; David Wenham, actor; Bruce Dawe, poet; Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, athlete; Gustav Nossal, scientist, Nova Peris-Kneebone, athlete - and many more.

MICHAEL McGIRR is a Jesuit priest in Melbourne. He is editor of the bi-monthly magazine Australian Catholics and publisher of Eureka Street magazine. He is frequent reviewer in the pages of the Age, and is the author of Tim Winton: the writer and his work (1999) and Things You Get For Free (2000).
The Good Life
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