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Intermarriage between Christians and Muslims

This book provides a valuable contribution to understanding the richness and complexities of mixed marriages in a multicultural context.

Haas Dellal OAM,
Director, Australian Multicultural Foundation

I commend Dr Ata's book as an important step in learning about and understanding the confluence of religious and ethnic influences on marriage and family life.

Philip Ruddock,
Federal Minister fro Immigration and Multicultural Affairs

The study focuses on marriages between Muslim and Christian Palestinians in the West Bank, a relatively recent phenomenon. Among the themes explored are:
  • the ways in which the two cultural groups interact;
  • whether intermarriage strengthens or weakens the individual's sense of cultural identity;
  • factors facilitating such intermarriages;
  • the various tensions that arise in such intermarriages;
  • gender roles within intermarriage;
  • the effects on children, both in present family relationships and their prospects for the future;
  • implications for the wider Palestinian society.

  • This excellent study not only elucidates recent changes in Palestinian culture, but also challenges Western assumptions about the role of the church in pluralist societies.

    Dr Robert Traer,
    General Secretary,
    International Association for Religious Freedom, Oxford
    Intermarriage between Christians and Muslims
    ISBN: 1863550763
    $ 27.50

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