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How Deep Is High

Laura Cameron has her first personal encounter with conflicting ideologies of Australian people, and impetuously becomes a defender of one of the least respected of them. It prompts in her a need to define her own self. A further heightened experience takes place when Laura is alone with a dying man under the open sky.

The two events bring her to a life of contact with people who have in some ways already gone beyond the limits of her understanding.

Laura's journey, set in three states of Australia, involves a rich range of intriguing characters, all moving forward in their own personal ways. Though she is attracted to Jack, 'too good-looking to be true', events conspire to bring her instead to Thomas, a true soul-mate.

War and its aftermath bring breakdowns in behaviour which Laura cannot accommodate. Driven to despair, she lets her body direct her mind to find anchorage, but soon finds herself adrift like floating debris in endless space. There she realises the situation of others who are also dispossessed, and through them is able to redirect herself.
How Deep Is High
ISBN: 1863550755
$ 19.95

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