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When Women Pray

In The Morning

All religions have set times prayer, and all who pray find it helpful to have their own set times too. The psalmist reminds us of these times, encompassing all of our day.

We greet the day in prayer, asking God's blessing on all we are to do, and we pray at its close, reflecting in thanksgiving. And we often look to find an oasis of prayer in the middle of the day. In this we join the Lord, who often 'sent the crowds away and went up into the hills to pray'.

This is the first of three collections of prayers by women. They are prayers that come out of, throw light on and celebrate the intersection of spirit and life as it is experienced by women. It gives us words, thoughts, sentiments to reflect on, and to use as springboards to our own prayer.

In the morning. As it was becoming light, there stood Jesus on the shore... (John 21:4). Let us join Jesus at the dawn of our day, praying that he accompany therein. We look to go forward in confidence and trust.
When Women Pray
ISBN: 1863550721
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