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Peacock Morning

They were searching for a place of quiet so they could devote their lives to their own kind of creativity. In the lovely Australian Alps they brought an original squatters homestead. To this came the peacocks, symbols of its early life. Here, also, came a needy stranger. These, the unfolding of history, and the startling discovery beneath one floor during restoration, led to anew symbol of birds, deeper understanding, and a very unusual and satisfying climax.

Hilde Knorr is Victorian born. She studied music in Melbourne before marrying Bavarian-born sculptor Hans Knorr. It was then she turned to writing. This is her fourth novel. Her other books cover short stories, poetry, non-fiction and biography, including Also Each Other, and How Deep Is High,culminating in the vivid Journey with a Stranger. Her writing focuses on the subtleties of human relations and the unpredictable nature of events.
Peacock Morning
ISBN: 1863550658
$ 16.95

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