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A Good Day To Walk

My encounter with bone cancer.

At the age of 33, Mark Dent had his right leg amputated above the knee. The disease that invaded his body gave him little warning. Within months of the first sharp pain, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Periods of high dosage chemotherapy, and a bone graft, were not successful, and the amputation necessary to save Mark's life followed. This is the story, told with fierce honesty, of the impact this trauma has had on his own life and on the lives of those around him.

Mark Dent recounts his cancer experience with an honesty that is both refreshing and healing. By detailing his own reactions, fears and hopes, he acts as a realistic and positive model for how to overcome the challenges presented to a major illness.

Ian Gawler, Director,
The Gawler Foundation

An honest and poignant account ... Mark allows the reader to gain an understanding of the emotional upheaval he and his family wrestled with, and gives an insight into human needs and relationships rarely described with such clarity and depth of feeling.

Julie Tempany,
Social Worker, Amputee Unit, Caulfield General Medical Centre

Mark Dent works as a primary school teacher in Melbourne. His experience with cancer has made him a passionate believer in telling the truth about the effects of the disease, the pain, disorientation and grief that it causes. Mark's strongest support comes from his wife, Maggie, and his children, Julianne and Rick.
A Good Day To Walk
ISBN: 1863550607
$ 14.95

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