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Great Australian Catholics

Great Australian Catholics tells the story of Catholicism in Australia through the lives of individual Catholics.

Whereas other accounts accentuate bishops and priests, this book restores the laity, especially women, to their place in the story. Few of the people here were famous in their lifetimes and in death they have been forgotten. Now Edmund Campion, master of the Catholic anecdote, restores them to life.

In these pages heroism and sin, sanctity and stupidity jostle together, as they do in the life of the church. Here is the Australian Catholic experience told through everyday lives. Great Australian Catholics is a novel grassroots approach that offers today' generation a lively appreciation of their past.

EDMUND CAMPION, a priest, teaches history at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He is chairman of the Literature Fund of the Australia Council. His previous books include  Catholic Voices, Rockchoppers, Australian Catholics and A Place in the City.
Great Australian Catholics
ISBN: 1863550577
$ 19.95

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