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Let A Viking Do It

Hagar and family illustrate the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

In this attractive and amusing book, Peter Malone harnesses the wit of Hagar the Horrible cartoons to the insights of Myers-Briggs psychology. The author first explains features of the 16 personality types or tendencies classified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The Indicator, by now well-known in counselling and management circles, was developed in the light of Carl Jung's work. Though others have offered commentary on the Myers-Briggs scheme in words, until now no one seen the possibilities of using cartoons. Here Hagar and Helga and their family not only exemplify the theory, but make it all too possible to recognise one's own personality type and those of others, too. These new understandings and possibilities for better communication will be found valuable by expert and general reader alike. The author proves once more that the best teaching always includes humour and an element of entertainment and that these need not trivialise the topic at hand. PETER MALONE MSC is a well know priest-author, film-critic and editor of the respected Australian theological review Compass. Let A Viking Do It
ISBN: 1863550538
$ 16.95

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