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The Courage To Care (Audio)

What happens when someone close to us develops cancer? How do we manage the tasks and emotions of caring?

In this book, individuals who have cared for someone with cancer relive their hopes, struggles and fears; their angers and frustrations; and the rewards. But, most importantly, they describe what helped them.

This book will challenge the way many professionals think about caring. It will give support and information to all carers who choose to make this difficult journey.

After reading this anthology I thank god that courage, common sense and devotion can still win over almost insuperable odds.

Dame Phillis Frost AC DBE

Sharing ideas with others is wonderfully sustaining ... providing confidence and sense of morale for patients and their carers.

Sir Edward Dunlop AC CMG OBE

This book is about human behaviour, wisdom and hope, and makes me feel humble.

Dr Nigel Gray, Medical Director, Anti-Cancer Council

SUSANNE BAXANDALL is a social worker and nurse. She is presently Director of the Social Service Policy Unit of the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria.

PRASUNDA REDDY is a psychologist and counsellor. She is a lecturer in psychology at Swinburne University of Technology.
The Courage To Care (Audio)
ISBN: 186355050X
$ 37.95

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