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Sure Beats Selling Cardigans

Fostering Our Relationship with God

ALL CHRISTIANS ARE ON A JOURNEY, a journey in faith and into faith. The Spiritual Exercise of St Ignatius Loyola describe the stages people go through along the way of this journey.

Experienced spiritual director, retreat giver and writer, Fr Patrick O'Sullivan, describes these stages in an appealing. enlightening and light-hearted way. He shows how we approach the fostering of our relationship with God, looks at the shadows that cloud that relationship - sin - and how we move out of the shadows into light. At the heart of the approach is the truly human figure of Jesus, and the way we live out his Paschal Mystery in our lives. A final reflection on renowned fellow-Jesuit Pedro Arrupe is a tribute to one who has now completed the journey and whose life can show us the way.

Fr O'Sullivan's particular interest in the psychology of the person makes his reflections immediate and easily accessible to those who see spiritual growth as part of the general growth to maturity.

This is a book of practical, down-to-earth spirituality. readers will find in it nourishment and encouragement as they make their pilgrimage towards the Kingdom.

PATRICK O'SULLIVAN SJ is a former Provincial of the Society of Jesus in Australia. He was called to Rome by Fr Pedro Arrupe to take charge of the Jesuit Secretariate for the Christian Life Communities. Back in Australia, he continued his work with the CLCs and was also Director of Campion Retreat Centre, Melbourne, and Editor of Madonna magazine. He is presently working with Jesuit Refugee Services in East Africa, and will return to become Tertian Instructor in 1996.
Sure Beats Selling Cardigans
ISBN: 1863550461
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