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Beyond Closed Doors

Growing beyond an abused childhood

'This is a story of courage and hope, not only for adult survivors of child abuse, but for all of us who wish to grow and develop our potential to be fully human and fully alive.'

Avril Regan,
psychologist and therapist to adult survivors of child abuse.

'Here is an unusual concept: Big John corresponding with Little John; the adult he is now with the child he was. I read with fascination as friendship developed and compassion for the suffering of each melded them into harmonious unity.'

Cathy Ann Matthews,
author of Breaking Through. No longer a victim of child abuse.

Child abuse is an increasingly relevant issue for parents, teachers, child care workers, social workers, counsellors and adults survivors of child abuse. The author, himself a survivor, takes the reader with him on a journey of self discovery. John shows us how he made contact with his inner child—Little John—and the strength he gained from working with him to confront a terrible inner secret—a prolonged and destructive experience of abuse as a child.These letters are a beautiful and touching illustration of this process of re-parenting. The reader becomes part of the growing trust and acceptance between Big John and Little John and finally rejoices in the healthy integration of John's childhood.

John Andrews is married with two children. Four years ago, he began to remember being abused as a child by neighbours. He has spoken at and organised many seminars and conferences on child abuse and is a member of NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect). He is the first male to qualify as a Family Support Worker and is currently co-writing a parenting program for parents whose children are recovering from the effects of abuse.
Beyond Closed Doors
ISBN: 1863550445
$ 16.95

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