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Bereavement and Health in Australia

Gender, Psychological, Religious and Cross-Cultural Issues

This book is an important step forward in our understanding of death and bereavement in contemporary Australian society.

It is informed by a systematic study made alive by the words of those interviewed, quoted meaningfully within. It offers a positive and hopeful understanding and should provide a step towards better services and care and opportunities for helpful and adaptive grieving.

Professor Beverley Raphael
Department of Psychiatry, University of Queensland

This book tackles a neglected, somewhat taboo area of family life—the impact of and reactions to the death of a loved one. It is important in its emphasis on ethnic cultural variations, the benefits of family support and social integration in reducing physical and emotional damage, and the need for therapists and other to stop imposing a monocultural view of 'normal' behaviour on those suffering bereavement. Dr Ata is to be commended for such a useful and clear exposé of these issues.

Professor Don Edgar
Monash University

This study deals with the difficult issue of ways in which people from varied backgrounds handle grief. I very much hope that readers will gain fresh insight into these problems and that this will help professionals and others in the community to have deeper understanding of these issues and of the great variety which exists in reactions to bereavement.

Professor David G. Penington
Vice-Chancellor, Melbourne University

The decision to undertake research in this field is especially welcome.

Dr John Nieuwenhuysen
Director, Bureau of Immigration & Population Research

The research described in this book will undoubtedly add to our understanding of the profoundly important issues of grief, loss and bereavement. The cross-cultural materials will be of particular interest to practitioners in our multicultural society.

Rob Knowles
Victorian Minister for Aged Care
Bereavement and Health in Australia
ISBN: 1863550437
$ 25.00

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