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Striking a Balance

Teaching Values abd Freedom

Is there a crisis in values in our society?
Many parents and teachers think so. Daily experience at home and in the classroom indicates that the shaping of society' values is no longer in their hands nor is it much influenced by tradition or religion. Their children' ears are attuned to the preaching of television and the creed of ' self-interest', aquisitiveness and the cult of individualism. '' and '' depend on changing circumstances and current behaviour patterns. All is relative, nothing is absolute.
It is a confusing world our young people have inherited. Striking a Balance has been written from the author' conviction that ' now have the task of helping them fill the moral void, of communicating the difference between lasting values and those which change with fashion.'
Parents and teachers will be grateful for this systematic, sometimes controversial, working through of the issues involved in balancing strong community values with personal freedom. There are practical suggestions for reclaiming the initiative in moral education, as well as quotations and exercises to provoke discussion and reflection and a bibliography.
Striking a Balance
ISBN: 1863550410
$ 16.95

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