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Wisdom And Demons

Meditations On Scripture

These reflections address the way most people feel, and not how they think they should feel. This makes them theological in an important way: God is sought out and addressed in a way that reflects the life-giving tensions of flesh, blood and the spirit.

Francis J Moloney SDB, Chair of Department of New Testament,
Catholic Theological College, Melbourne

These meditations unfold a contemporary spirituality that arises out of a deep commitment to the Christian tradition. Wisdom, scholarship and humanity combine to make this book a rare treat.

Maryanne Confoy RSC, Lecturer in Pastoral Theology,
Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne

THE SCRIPTURE meditations in this book are woven around two themes: our own deepest doubts and despairs - our demons - and the gentle, healing grace of Wisdom, the feminine image of God in the Bible. Wisdom is carried forth in the gospels in the healings and exorcisms performed by Jesus. The reader is invited to become part of the biblical text and to trace the movements of the Holy Spirit which inspired these sacred words.

This is a different kind of theology, built from a combination of spiritualities of a Protestant scripture scholar and a Catholic theologian. It brings exegesis to a Catholic style of meditation, and contemplation to a Protestant way of prayer. It offers a spirituality to mature Christians, particularly those who struggle with the dark side of life and are in search of the healing power of God' Wisdom.

DOROTHY A. LEE is Lecturer in New Testament Studies at the United Faculty of Theology in Melbourne. She is an ordained minister of the Uniting Church in Australia and a member of the World Council of Churches Faith and Order Commission.

JOHN HONNER SJ is Rector of Jesuit Theological College, Melbourne, teaches theology and philosophy at the United Faculty of Theology, and is a founding editor of Pacifica: Australian Theological Studies.
Wisdom And Demons
ISBN: 1863550380
$ 16.95

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