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Beechworth Book

BEECHWORTH of the goldminers is Australia's most colourful country town. David Martin is one of our best loved writers for young people. What could be more delightful than a book of poems - vivid, amusing, full of life - by David Martin about Beechworth?

Better still, they are illustrated by students of Beechworth Secondary College. Their pictures are perfect for this book: realistic, spirited and imaginative.

There is a quality about these poems which make others seem effete, Walter McVitty wrote in 'The Age' about Martin's previous collection.

These poems are a gift to us all, 'Reading Time' agreed.

In 'Australian Book Review' Nancy Keesing said, This selection is indeed for young people, say from 10 to 100. I implore everyone to buy it.
Beechworth Book
ISBN: 1863550348
$ 9.95

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