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A Common Philosophy

Karl Rahner is a giant of modern Christian thought. Michael Leunig can be called the same in the world of cartoon humour.

Both take their inspiration from, and cast illumination upon, a common understanding of humanity. For them, human beings are wonderful, mysterious, foolish and sacred.

Though their modes of expression are seemingly worlds apart, they both share a preoccupation with human yearning and the possibilities of joyous homecoming.

The delight of this book is not just to appreciate the riches in each of these artists' work but to enjoy the dialogue that is created when writer meets cartoonist, when word is put alongside image - and when the reader meets both.

John Honner is rector of Jesuit Theological College, an editor of Pacifica: Australian Theological Studies and vice president of the Australian Catholic Theological Association. He teaches philosophy and theology at the United Faculty of Theology in Melbourne. His Oxford doctoral thesis was a comparison of Karl Rahner's way of talking about God and Neils Bohr's way of talking about the realm of quantum physics. He once shared a house with Rahner (and 80 others) in Munich.
A Common Philosophy
ISBN: 1863550291
$ 16.95

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