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Help Yourself And Your Child To Happiness

Meditation: The natural management of stress

'Meditation is the key to the management of stress'

 - Ainslie Meares, Life Without Stress

Why meditate? For Pauline McKinnon tha answer is simple: to make life happier. As a consultant in the Meares form of meditation she believes we can gain happiness by reducing anxiety. When there is too much anxiety, nervous tension increases, giving rise to the unpleasant symptoms of stress.

Stress is an all too common problem. Meditation is a surprisingly simple - and natural - solution. The sooner we begin to make use of it the better. Hence the need to offer this solution to our children.

This book is a companion volume to Quiet Magic, Pauline's introduction to relaxation and meditation for children. It is a quide for all who seek happiness and in particular for parents and teaches to help them pass on this simple and valuable skill.
Help Yourself And Your Child To Happiness
ISBN: 1863550186X
$ 14.95

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