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The Adventures of a Saint

Chris skates full pelt into a stuffed crocodile and a mysterious old man who introduces him to the secret Cartographers Club . . . and Iņigo. Courtier, soldier, knight, pilgrim, servant of the Great King, he was born 500 years ago. Today hand in hand with Chris, the reader goes on an amazing voyage with Iņigo, travelling with him on his life of adventure.

By the time of his death, Inigo's band of seven companions had grown to 1000. Today this group, the Society of Jesus, is spread throughout the world.

Come and join Chris, and Inigo, to experience these adventures for yourself.

MICHAEL HANSEN was born in Orange and is the eldest of ten children. He joined the Society of Jesus in 1970. He has degrees in arts and theology, has taught in primary and secondary schools, and worked for various church agencies in the justice and communications fields. Michael has produced slide multimedias, video, and television and radio programs for children and adults over a wide range of religious and social issues. He is co-author of Three Days, a book of prayer. Since ordination, Michael has worked for the Catholic Communications Offices in Melbourne and Sydney, for the Christian Television Association, and more recently as an assistant priest in St Mary's Parish, North Sydney.

JIRÍ TIBOR NOVÁK was born in Prague, but his nomadic life has taken him to Italy, England, Canada and Australia. Now he lives near the sea in the bush at Airey's Inlet. His illustration are also widely travelled and have been exhibited in Bogota, Bratislava, Barcelona, Seoul and Tokyo, where his picture book Fish and Bird won a UNESCO award. The cover illustration of Inigo is painted with watercolours, Tibor's favourite medium, and the drawings are pen and ink.
ISBN: 1863550186
$ 17.95

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