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Will You Please Listen I Have Something to Say

I'm just a child of
of minor years
With childlike faith in life
And immature ideas,
But please listen,
For there's something I must say

Jonathan Wilson-Fuller is a special person. He is someone allergic to our present day world.

His condition restricts him to three rooms in the family home and often demands he wear a respirator. However, the rooms have large windows, through which Jonathan views the world close by, and also contain books, games, materials, toys and a TV set, a window on the world at large.

Jonathan is in a unique position to show the rest of us the dangers of living on a polluted earth. In his writing he exposes these dangers and reminds us of our responsibility to care for the world or see it perish.

Jonathan is modern day 'canary'. He is a guide to the dangers we face - and also a songbird who through his music and his poetry sings in celebration of the world' beauty that we risk losing.

'I am sure your poems will move many people. Others have gone to the moon - you have to live on earth as if you were on the moon! Palpable proof, as it were, that we are reducing our wonderful earth to a dead moon - with not even a pair of lovers within sight to enjoy its glow.'

Yehudi Menuhin

'poems heal, teach and inspire. He sends out into a needy world this book of prophecy - the warning and the vision of a vulnerable, passionate child, who has something to say.'

Caroline Jones
Will You Please Listen I Have Something to Say
ISBN: 0733301002
$ 19.95

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