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I Will Remember These Things Forever

Children and young people give creative voice to their experience of grief

This book reminds us of the need of children and their awe-inspiriing resilience-and in the best possible way, through their own stories and pictures.

Professor Glenn Bowes, Network Executive Director
Womens & Childrens Health Care Network

Thank you to the children who shared their memories. I felt I was 'walking on Holu Ground' and we, as adults, need to hear these stories.

Margaret Noone AM, Director,
Very Special Kids Inc.

An honestly moving and inspiring expression of love and loss from the hearts of children.

Denis, father of 'Bess' & 'Jake'

The book offers the opportunity to sit and be with the experience of bereavement from a young person's perspective. An excellent resource for family and professionals.

Liz Payne, Coordinator of Seasons®
Loss and Grief Program

I will remember these things forever is a collection of works created by bereaved children and young people participating in programs facilitated by OUTREACH GRIEF SERVICES.

The Kids Grieve Too program is for children 4-14 years. Good Grief is for young people in their teens and 20s. Both programs offer a safe and welcoming environment for participants to express and explore their grief. Through sharing their stories, children and young people are given a voice and, very importantly, the opportunity to minister each other.

The images and words in these pages will help anyone involved in the grieving process to understand further what is going on: young people to name their own grief; parents to deepen their appreciation of what a child may be going through; teachers and other professionals to connect with young people at this critical time. All this fosters resilience in young people and strengthens bonds with significant others.
I Will Remember These Things Forever
ISBN: 0646377914
$ 21.95

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