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Amazing Encounters

Elizabeth Nowotny-Keane PhD

Amazing Encounters Skeptics question the world of spirit and are often cynical towards life after death and ongoing journeys of the souls of the deceased. However, people who have experienced the presence of a departed spirit no longer doubt there is an afterlife.

This thoroughly researched book tells amazing stories of people who have received direct visits and communications from a deceased loved one – parent, spouse, sibling, child or friend. The bereaved tell stories of visionary encounters, conversations, dreams, familiar smells, even hugs and kisses. These fascinating accounts of successive communications from the deceased are shared within the framework of the lives of their loved ones.

Characteristics or themes illustrating both the nature of the experiences and their effects in people’s lives emerge from the stories. These themes became the organizing framework for chapters of the book.

Many people are unaware of the breadth and scope of research into encounters with, and communications from the dead and what they reveal about an afterlife. The author includes some of the earlier research on this topic from its first formal beginnings by the Society of Psychical Research in England. through to sociology, medicine and bereavement studies in the last one hundred years.

The power of these direct and spontaneous communications from the dead in easing grief, in alleviating the fear of death, and in changing lives is evident. For the curious or the skeptical, it is a fascinating read.

It is of great interest to those who are interested in spirit and spirituality, psychic experience, death and the afterlife.

This book would also be of value also to those who are engaged in supporting people who are grieving the loss of a loved one, the bereaved, the elderly and their families. It could be helpful also for so many people who have had such an experience and do not know how to share it or to integrate it into their lives.

The book is derived from Elizabeth Keane’s doctoral thesis, Amazing Grace: the Nature and Significance of Reported After-Death Communication Experiences completed in 2005 at the University of Western Sydney.

Elizabeth Nowotny-Keane has a strong interest in communications from the deceased, having experienced these encounters from members of her family over a number of years. Having pursued studies in science, education, psychology and spirituality, and having worked with individuals and groups in development and spirituality, she brings a rich background to this study. She has explored after-death survival and communication over the past ten years and continues her research into these phenomena.
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