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ISBN Title Author or Illustrator Price Availability
186355100X A Canopy of Stars Christopher Gleeson 26.95 Available
1863550291 A Common Philosophy Michael Leunig & Karl Rahner 16.95 Limited
1863551077 A Fair Go in an Age of Terror Patty Fawkner and others 18.95 Available
1863550607 A Good Day To Walk Mark Dent 14.95 Available
0855749210 A Hospital Handbook Neville A. Kirkwood 12.95 Available
1863550631 A Love That Dares To Question Bishop John Heaps 16.95 Available
1863551131 A People-Watcher's Paradise Brian J. Meade 22.50 Available
1863550135 A Remarkable Absence of Passion Nora McManus 14.95 Available
186355033X A World Of Australians Michael Coyne 45.00 Out Of Print
1863550852 Also Each Other Hilde Knörr 19.95 Available
9781863551328 Amazing Encounters Elizabeth Nowotny-Keane PhD 24.95 Available
186355114X And Gladly Teach John Braniff 24.95 Available
1863550550 At Home with Jesus Tom O'Hara 16.95 Available
1863550283 At Home with The Spirit Tom O'Hara 16.95 Not Available
9781863551335 Australian Religious Diary 2010 32.00 Available
1863550348 Beechworth Book David Martin 9.95 Available
1863550453 Beloved Daughters Richard Leonard SJ 14.95 Available
1863550437 Bereavement and Health in Australia Dr A. W. Ata 25.00 Available
1863550445 Beyond Closed Doors John Andrews 16.95 Available
1863550747 Blazing A Trail Anne O'Brien 27.95 Available
1863550992 Christian-Muslim Intermarriage in Australia Dr Abe W. Ata 30.00 Available
9781863551243 Close Encounters Brian J Meade 24.50 Available
9781863551281 Close To The Wind John Braniff 24.95 Available
1863551069 Fresh Words and Deeds Edited by P. Matheson & C. Mostert 35.00 Available
1863550704 God Know How To Come Back Home Patrick O'Sullivan SJ 18.95 Available
9780975114824 God Writes Straight on Crooked Lines CHristan Moe fsc 24.95 Available
1863550577 Great Australian Catholics Edmund Campion 19.95 Available
1863550186X Help Yourself And Your Child To Happiness Pauline McKinnon 14.95 Available
1863550755 How Deep Is High Hilde Knorr 19.95 Available
0646377914 I Will Remember These Things Forever Julie Edwards & Nicole Rotaru 21.95 Available
1863550968 Imagine Believing Adrian Lyons 24.95 Available
1863550186 Inigo Michael Hansen SJ 17.95 Available
1863550763 Intermarriage between Christians and Muslims Dr Abe W. Ata 27.50 Available
1863551107 Jesus, the Mantra of God John Dupuche 18.95 Available
1863551050 Jewish-Christian Relations Edited by Maurice Ryan 35.00 Available
1863550593 Keep The Faith Janet Wade-Main 35.00 Available
1863550538 Let A Viking Do It Peter Malone 16.95 Available
2-CD set Let's Be Still 2-CD set 35.00 Limited
1863550879 Listening Frances M. Moran 24.95 Available
1863550356 Nursing and Nursing Education in Multicultural Australia J. V. Cruz & G. Tham 16.95 Available
1863550658 Peacock Morning Hilde Knorr 16.95 Available
9781863551250 Prayer and Relationships Patrick O'Sullivan 24.95 Available
1863550909 Quiet Magic Pauline McKinnon 16.95 Available
9780975114841 Reflecting God's Presence Br Bill Firman FSC 39.95 Available
186355095X Refugees, Morality and Public Policy Mark Raper and others 16.95 Available
1863550925 Ringing the Changes Richard Falkinger 47.00 Available
1863550690 Rome Reshaped Desmond O'Grady 24.95 Available
1863551115 Sixty So Soon Bill Firman 24.95 Available
186355064X Stories From The Prophet Next Door Teresa Pirola 16.95 Available
1863550410 Striking a Balance Christopher Gleeson SJ 16.95 Available
1863550461 Sure Beats Selling Cardigans Patrick O'Sullivan SJ 16.95 Available
9781863551298 Ted Kennedy Edmund Campion 24.95 Available
9781863551267 The Catholic Church In Jaru And Giji Country Noel McMaster CSsR 24.95 Available
1863550364 The Courage To Care Susanne Baxandall & Prasuna Reddy 19.95 Available
186355050X The Courage To Care (Audio) Susanne Baxandall & Prasuna Reddy 37.95 Not Availabl
186355081X The Good Life Michael McGirr 21.95 Available
9781863551236 The Sirmione Agreement Richard Falkinger 24.95 Available
1863550941 The Space Between Hilde Knorr 26.95 Available
9781863551344 Then The Vicar Said To The Priest Brian J Meade 24.95 Available
1863550739 Things You Learn Along The Way John Menadue 29.95 Available
1863550429 Through Irish Eyes Patrick O'Farrell 24.95 Available
1863550712 To Resist Is To Win! Edited by Sarah Niner 35.00 Limited
1863550674 Unhinged Saints Dean Moore & Cannon Fodder 7.95 Available
1863550828 Walking To The Saints Anne McPherson 29.95 Available
9781863551229 What About Me... Terry and Christoper Ryan 39.95 Available
1863550721 When Women Pray Gathered by Jennifer Glenister 9.95 Available
1863551018 Why I Am Still Catholic Kate Englebrecht 19.95 Available
0733301002 Will You Please Listen I Have Something to Say Jonathan Wilson-Fuller 19.95 Available
1863550380 Wisdom And Demons Dorothy A. Lee & John Honner SJ 16.95 Available

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