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David Lovell

David Lovell has over 30 years experience in the publishing industry. He was a founding shareholder and director of Dove Communications in 1972. Until August 1989, he was Editorial Director at Dove Communications/Collins Dove. Since 1989 he has run his own publishing company, publishing a small list and producing commissioned works. He also works on a contract basis for Jesuit Publications.

David Lovell has experienced every facet of publishing: writing and editing, design and production, marketing and promotion, sales and distribution, management and finance.

Over this time he has been responsible for the publication of over 780 titles. In 1988-89, the program he directed featured over 80 titles. From 1990-98, as David Lovell Publishing and also in conjunction with Jesuit Publications, he has published some 70 titles. He has been editor of a number of magazines, Shalom (1972-1975) and Ten:Ten (1985-1988) among them, and coordinator of major catechetical programs, such as Children of the Kingdom (1981-1989) for primary schools and Kingdom People (1979-1989) for secondary schools. Since 1990 he has been Associate Editor of Madonna magazine.

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David Lovell Publishing Logo Eucalyptus Regnans
Mountain Ash

A tall, straight, upright tree, with a long, clean, slender trunk. Tallest of the hardwoods - height can exceed 90m. Needs deep soil.

In the beginning the Tree of Life stood in the middle of the garden. In john's vision of the end that is to come, he describes the trees of life standing on each bank of the river of life that rises from the throne of God and the Lamb.

'The tree, wide as
the heavens itself, has grown up
into heaven from the earth.
It is an immortal growth and towers
between heaven and earth.
It is the fulcrum of all things
and the place where they are all
at rest. It is the foundation of
the round world, the centre of
the cosmos. In it all the
diversities of our human
nature are formed
into unity.'


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Titles published by David Lovell have won significant awards, including the following:

  • Christian Book of the Year (Children's Award), 1982, for Children of the Kingdom series.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Design Award), 1983, for Daniel Mannix.
  • Australian Book Publishers Association Design Award, 1984-5, for Heaven's Backyard.
  • Catholic Press Association, (Best Design and Layout; Best Three Headlines), 1985 for Ten:Ten magazine.
  • Children's Book Council of Australia (Commended), 1985, for Me and Jeshua.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Children's Award and Book of the Year), 1985, for Me and Jeshua.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Commended), 1985, for Woman: First Among the Faithful.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Commended), 1988, for Journey with the Poor.
  • Children's Book Council of Australia, Book of the Year, 1988, for My Place.
  • Human Rights Australia Media Award, 1988, for Ten:Ten magazine.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Children's Award), 1992, for Inigo: The Adventures of a Saint.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Children's Award-commended), 1994, for The Jew Called Jesus.
  • Christian Book of the Year (Design Award), 1998, for Second Spring: The Regeneration of the Jesuits.

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  • Commissioned Publications

  • The Road to Emmaus. A history of the Blessed Sacrament Congregation in Australia, Damien Cash, 2007
  • The Price Of Freedom: Edmund Rice Educational Leader, Denis McLaughlin, 2007
  • From A Suitcase On The Verandah: Father Bernard O'Shea and the development of Catholic education in Brisbane 19431983, Maurice Ryan 2005
  • A Journey in Faith: A History of Catholic Education in Gippsland 18501981, Terry Synan, 2003
  • New Guinea and New Zealand 1906 - 2000, Peter Donovan, 2001
  • I Will Remember These Things Forever: Children and Young People Give Creative Voice to Their Experience of Grief, Julie Edwards Nicole Rotaru (eds), Outreach Grief Services, 1999
  • Padua College: A College by the Sea, Mary Bowe & Win Guatta, 1998
  • A Portion of Praise: A Festschrift to Honour John S. Levi, 1997
  • A Shared Mission: The Lasallian Mission of Human and Christian Education, 1997
  • Qualitative Research in Education, Peter Willis & Bernie Neville (eds), 1997
  • Prologue to the Future: Christ College: The foundation and early development of Australian Catholic University's Christ Campus, 1967-1990, Joan M. Kenny, 1996
  • Women of Strength, Women of Gentleness: Brigidine Sisters-Victorian Province, Morna Sturrock, 1995

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